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Get a website but not sure how to make it work for your business? Got a problem with your site that just won't go away? Or just starting out and unsure what you really need? At Integrious, solving your problems is what really gets us fired up, so get in touch and find out how we can help.

Get the Best Out of the Web

With over fifteen years of experience in web development and internet marketing, we know what works and what doesn't, and we've seen most of the snake oil before. We can help you work out what will grow your business, and what will never give you a return on your investment. We can help you avoid the pitfalls as well as climb the peaks.

At Integrious we won't try to persuade you that your web site is a "special case", that there's some kind of special magic to the web that makes it worth throwing money at without any real aim. We firmly believe that spending time and money on your web site is no different to any other business decision. If the numbers don't add up, if there's no benefit to your business - go back to the drawing board.

Scratch Your Itch

Get a problem that just won't go away? A website that just doesn't deliver what you need? Frustrated users? Or worse, a site that quite simply falls over all the time? We can help you identify the root of your problems and guide you to a solution.

There are many reasons why your website might not be achieving as you'd like it to, from poor search engine ranking to performance and usability issues, and it's not always easy to see where you are going wrong.

User Experience / Usability

For some web sites, looking good is enough - but for most, it's crucial that your users can understand them and find their way around them. If they can't, they'll move on and you've lost your sale. If you're getting plently of people arriving at your site but they don't stick around, or never complete what you got them there for - whether that's an online purchase or just getting in touch - then usability issues are often the problem.

Integrious can identify areas of your site that aren't as easy to use as they should be and explain to you how to improve them. If the problems aren't immediately obvious, even with our experience to draw on, we can use real human testers or record and study the actions of your own users to find out exactly where the problems lie. This way we can fix only the real problems instead of blindly changing site features in the hope of hitting on a solution - a costly and unreliable approach at the best of times!

You don't have to hire us to make the changes we recommend if you already have that covered - we'll produce a full written report and work with your existing provider to address the issues found.


We can test the performance of your website, identify any issues and make recommendations on how to address them. Some performance issues are simple to address, for instance poorly optimised graphics, while others may be more disruptive, for instance a move to a better quality or higher specification hosting environment may be required.

You should be aware that some performance issues can be time consuming - and therefore expensive - to track down to their root cause and fix. For this reason, Integrious take a stepped approach to performance testing:

  1. We start with an overall test of the site and identify features with issues.
  2. We address any easy wins which will significantly improve the site for the smallest outlay. Even if some issues remain, this may be all you need to do to achieve satisfactory performance.
  3. We will then investigate issues which require more costly work to determine the root cause - this is likely to include issues which require debugging code or running out of hours load testing against the site.
  4. If a fix for the causes of the issues identified is feasible taking into account cost and side effects then we will carry this out or instruct your technical staff or developers as to what is required.

At any stage in this process you can choose to take it no further, so even if costly investigation or modifications are indicated you are never committed to them, particularly if cheaper work has already adequately mitigated the problem.

After any changes, performance tests will be repeated to check the changes have had the desired effect.

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If you have issues with your web site, get in touch with us and talk them through. Tell us about your itch and we'll help you work out how to scratch it.