Content Management Systems

If you've ever experienced the frustration of waiting for someone else to make a simple update to your website, then you already understand why Content Management Systems (CMS) are a good thing. Simply, they put you in control.

A Content Management System is a means to update a web site without requiring programming skills. Be careful though - strictly speaking, anything from a very basic, very infexible form to an enterprise system costing hundreds of thousands of pounds can be classed as a CMS, so make sure you understand exactly what you are getting.


Our standard Content Managment System is Umbraco, an enterprise grade CMS based on solid, proven Microsoft technologies (Microsoft even use it themselves), but which doesn't come with a price tag which will make you weep. In fact, depending what features and support you require, the CMS itself may be free.

We like Umbraco because it's reliable and highly flexible - whatever you want, chances are we can build it in Umbraco. You'll love it because it's simplicity itself to use.


Originally designed as a blogging tool, Wordpress is now a competent Content Management System, suitable for smaller sites. The software is free and a wide variety of plugins are available to extend its functionality - if they don't do what you need then we can write custom ones as well.

If you only need a basic CMS or are on a tight budget, Wordpress may well fit the bill.


We have extensive experience of the Contensis Content Management System, so if you need to update a site that runs on Contensis then get in touch with us!