Design & Development

There are two key aspects to the creation of your website - graphical design and development (or programming, if you prefer). Without a great design, no-one will give your site a second glance - without development, well, it'll never exist!

Graphical & User Interface Design

The design of your website needs to reflect your company and its branding - are you fun and funky? Serious and measured? But a website is not static, like a printed brochure - it is an interface with which your users interact, and with which they will quickly become frustrated if it is not intuitive.

At Integrious we understand user interface design, and we'll make sure your users aren't frustrated and deciding that your competitor's site is easier to use.

There is more to user interface design than simply avoiding frustrating users, though - for instance, do you have particular product lines that make you most profit? Then we need to design your site to channel users towards purchasing those rather than your lower margin products. Even a simple "brochure" site isn't really just a brochure - the site doesn't directly sell anything, but you still want prospects to get in touch or give you their contact details. A well designed site will channel users towards this end point and encourage them to complete it (if you hear marketeers talking about a "call to action", this is what they mean).

If your site is highly functional - for instance, you are providing a service online - then user interface design becomes particularly important. In this case you have to balance branding, which demands your site gains attention, with usability - a functional interface should 'just work' without users having to think about it and a perfect interface wouldn't even be noticed by the user - they simply carried out their task and it was no hassle.

Good user interface design requires a deep understanding of how users interact with websites. Graphical design, on the other hand, is a creative art. A good website design employs both throughout its development - it is rarely successful to tack either onto the end of the design process.

Depending on the complexity of the project it may be necessary to produce wireframes and a full functional specification prior to beginning any graphical design or detailed user interface work. However, for simple projects it is often appropriate to move straight from brief to graphical and UI design.


Once the site design is complete any you're happy with it (we'll ask you to sign it off), then development - the process of turning flat designs into a working website - begins. Development will often be the most time consuming phase of producing your website, particularly where bespoke functionality is required.

All sites will be built to comply with current web standards and will take into consideration search engine optimisation and accessibility. We will test features continuously during development and the whole site thoroughly afterwards to ensure everything works as it should.

Integrious brings over fifteen years of web development experience, working for clients from small local businesses right up to large multi-nationals, to every single project - whether your site is a just a few simple pages, a full e-commerce solution or completely bespoke integration work, you'll get the same care and attention to detail. We take pride in solving your problems, large or small.

We work with both Microsoft technologies - ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, IIS and Windows Server - and also with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (know as 'LAMP'). Most of the sites we build are implemented on a Content Management System such as Umbraco or Wordpress, giving you the power to control your content, or on e-commerce frameworks such as Magento or uCommerce.

Finally, we'll put the site up on our staging area for you to review, and once any final amends have been done and you have signed the site off, we'll put it live.


Your website will require hosting (often referred to as "web space"). We'll discuss hosting requirements with you at the start of your project, as the hosting facilities you have directly affect the technologies we can use. We can provide hosting for your website, if required, and this will normally be free for the first year as part of your package.


We won't just put your site live and abandon you - all our work comes with support. Our standard terms are available on request.

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Whatever your web site needs, get in touch with us and discuss them. If you aren't sure what you need, tell us about your itch and we'll help you work out how to scratch it.